Mega Chess Pieces Set

This complete 32 giant pieces set is the perfect setup idea for your garden. These are waterproof, UV protection coated. Just to give you an idea, the king measures 25 Inch. Surprise your guests!

Inflatable Air Tent

Make the perfect basecamp for your kids with this inflatable air tent! It's 50" tall, 77" wide, child-safe, 5 choices of color and it builds up in a second!

Flexispot Ergonomic Desk Exercise Bike

Get fit while you work on your laptop at home or at the office! Probably the best way to combine exercise and work together! Adjustable for every leg lenght, it keeps you a good posture and stands on wheels like an office chair for easy displacement.

The Complete Quadcopter Drone – Wi-Fi Live Video

Your best companion wherever you go, film your best shots with this complete quadcopter at the football field, for hiking and vacation. Comes with a 720p HD FPV quality camera with so many options it's actually impressive for such a little drone!

Polaroid Mini Printer

Wherever you go, this little printer can easily follow you in a handbag, glovebox, even in your pockets. It only measures 2.2 x 7.4 x 12 cm and prints 2 x 3" peel-back photos for all occasions. Syncable with most smartphones via Wi-Fi to print instant memories!

Voxel Wi-Fi 3D Printer

Simplicity, efficiency and user friendly are the best words for this powerful and beautiful 3D printer. It allows the artists to create whatever they want simply by a few clicks on their pc screen. It is wi-fi and doesn't compromise space!

Vintage Polaroid OneStep2

A modern version of the original vintage Polaroid camera creating instant photos just like in the 70's. Just aim and snap you best shot with the red button!

Destiny Ghost

Feel like a real guardian of the traveler with this officially licensed Destiny Ghost to put as a beautiful decoration in your living room.

T-Virus & Vaccine Capsules

If you want to add a little creepy touch at home resident evil style, these capsules are the best replications of the T-Virus (blue) with the Vaccine (green) to put on your living room shelf.

Frisbee Golf Basket

Have so much fun to switch from real golf to something a little bit easier to play for everyone by creating a Frisbee golf course with this official metal basket. Come on, everybody can throw a Frisbee!

Pac-Man Pocket Arcade

A great gift for the real Pac-Man fans, it replicates the arcade machines perfectly with it's gameplay fluidity and original sounds of this 80's game.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II

If you seek for listening your music with high quality sound and comfort like us, these wireless headphones should be a sure buy without a doubt! Well balanced, long distance wireless, real noise cancelling, lightweight and powerful sound.

Oculus Go Standalone VR Set

You can now enjoy virtual reality anywhere you want with this all-in-one VR head set. Very user friendly and suitable for all ages, the Oculus Go head set is a must in your living room!

Snes Classic + 21 Games

This is deep nostalgia for all the babyboomers! Dive back into the retro era with this bundle including twenty one pre-installed games among the most enjoyed classics ever!

Overdrive: Fast & Furious Racing Track

Hours of fun with this electronic race track featuring Dom's and Hobbs' cars from the famous Fast & Furious movie. Sync it with your smart phone and use it as a controller to win the race. Best gift ever!

Monopoly Zelda Edition

The ultimate board game for Zelda fans is similar to the original monopoly gameplay, including the famous locations from Hyrule with many objects and collectibles related to the video game.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Lego

Stop being bored with your old lego collection, it's time to get a hand on the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle! Including 6020 pieces and measures over 22 inches high, this masterpiece has so much details, it's fascinating! Fanatic or not, this castle is pure pleasure to build and to watch.

The Hobbit Hand Made Cribbage Wood Board

Made of cherry wood, this proudly canadian hand made cribbage game is the most artistic product ever seen for The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings fans. The map is burnt-in, comes with metal pegs, a hanger on the back for displaying including a free customizable engraving message!

Jumanji Board Game

Live the jumanji experience with this colorful board game for 8 years old and up, 2-4 players. A full interactive gameplay with different kinds of actions that can change the path of those who chase the adventure! Danger cards and secret messages, you have to reach the middle before it's doomsday!

Atari Flashback Gold

Holy cow! 120 built-in retro games with wireless controllers and hdmi input! Playing these games again has been a real flashback for GamerWhoop. Lots of nostalgia in this little box!

Codenames – The Party Game

If you like to play kind of spy games with friends, well this one is for you. Two teams, spy masters and agents, 2 to 8 players and infinite scenarios. Find all you informers but avoid the assassin!

Monopoly Fortnite Edition

Inspired from the most played video game around the globe; Monopoly Fortnite is kind of different from the original Monopoly. In a few words, the goal is to survive, not to own the most money.

NERF Sniper Gun

Stealth mode is a good way to win the game on your NERF battlefield. This nerf gun is bolt-action with 6 darts in the magazine, includes a super scope, a bipod for more stability or turn the sniper into a shorter gun by dismentling parts. It's a beast, it Shoots straight and accurate!

Kids’ Super Playground Table

A beautiful 3D playground table for the kids including three easy storage bins. What nice about this table is the lip to avoid toys falling off the table! It's colorful, complete and the tracks are really easy to assemble. Hours of fun!

Lazer Maze Strategy Game

Challenge yourself with this amazing strategy game including 40 different levels to break. If you loved the Rush Hour game, you will love Lazer Maze. It takes two minutes to learn and you are ready to play!